Substrates for API loading

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Neutral pellets are normally spherically-shaped excipient cores, which can be utilized for a variety of purposes in pharmaceutical formulations.

The neutral pellets/spheres can be used as simple diluents in encapsulation or tableting, they can be coated and loaded with drug substances and imparted with modified release characteristics.

Based on ompatibility with the drug substance and other required additives and the desired characteristics of the final product, a range of Neutral Pellets has been developed having different compositions and sizes.

The sphere sizes may range from 12 to 100 mesh (150 microns to 1.7 mm). The most commonly used sizes are between 20 to 60 mesh (250 microns to 850 microns). The spheres also find application in non-pharmaceutical products.

In addition to neutral spheres, pellets are available with an acidic or alkaline nature which may find the specific applications with selected drug substances.

In addition to normal spheres (E-spheres), Ideal Cures also offers seal coated spheres (InstaSpheres) for the following materials which are widely used in modified drug delivery dosage forms.

Espheres EM (Microcrystalline Cellulose) are hard spherical masses composed of mainly Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) or exclusively MCC.

Espheres SIO2 (Colloidal Silicon Dioxide) these spheres consist essentially of colloidal Silicon dioxide, used as a core for drug loading of modified release products including MUPS.

Espheres TA (Tartaric Acid) Spheres are spheres mainly comprising Tartaric Acid and have been specifically developed for specific drug substances which are preferably soluble in acidic environments.

InstaSpheres ES (Sucrose) are inert USP/NF compliant ready sealcoated spherical pellets. seal coated sucrose spheres (InstaSpheres) are available.