Instacoat Flavour

Product Description

INSTACOATTM Flavour is a ready-mixed powder that can be rapidly reconstituted in the chosen solvent system for the film coating of solid oral dosage forms. It contains polymer, plasticizer, pigments, etc. in optimal ratios to achieve significant benefits in terms of processability and product quality. The polymer base can be chosen from any of the Instacoat systems shown on this website with the addition customers’ choice of flavour. A range of different solvent systems are also accommodated.

Features Benefits


  • Dry powder system for reconstitution
  • Process time savings from rapid coating suspension manufacture
  • Complete coating formulation minus solvent
  • Cost savings in inventory and inventory management
  • Advanced colour control methods
  • Reproducible finished product appearance
  • Avoidance of customer complaints
  • White or ready coloured systems matched to your specification or sample are available. Anti-counterfeiting and branding features can be built-in
  • Meeting diverse marketing requirements is facilitated
  • Colours used are checked for compliance with appropriate regulations in target markets
  • Avoidance of regulatory issues


  • Ready flavoured coating system
  • Sweetening agents can also be incorporated
  • Eliminates need for flavour ingredients to be dispensed and added as part of the coating process
  • Coat savings in inventory and inventory control
  • Suitable for products with unpleasant taste thus improving patient acceptability and compliance
  • Standard coating processes can be used
  • Scale-up, product introduction and operator training are facilitated.
  • Can be applied in a wide range of equipment designs and sizes from most manufacturers
  • Easy scale-up and transfer to different equipment types or manufacturing sites.
  • Suitable for batch and continuous processes.

Regulatory information

All products are checked for the regulatory compliance of all ingredients in the target countries and market segments of sale. This determination is made at the time the initial formulation is established, based on customer-supplied information. If market countries and/or segments are extended once the formulation has been established, customers are encouraged to contact us to ensure that regulatory compliance is not compromised.

Recommended Solvent System, Reconstitution Level and Process Conditions

  • These factors will all depend on the polymer base that has been chosen. Please refer to the process guidance sheet supplied with the original sample from our laboratories or contact us for this information.

Equipment / Accessories

  • Variable-speed mechanical stirrer
  • Mixing Vessel

Reconstitution Process

  • Add the weighed quantity of the chosen solvent to a mixing vessel.
  • Using a mechanical stirrer, stir the solvent to form a vortex.
  • Add required quantity of Instacoat to the centre of the liquid vortex in a slow steady stream, avoiding clumping, while maintaining a vortex. Once the entire quantity of Instacoat has been added, reduce the stirrer speed to eliminate the vortex. (Fig. 2) Continue mixing for 45 minutes.

NOTE: With some mixed solvent systems the Instacoat is dispersed in one solvent before addition of the other solvent. Please refer to the guidance mentioned above for details.