Product Description

INSTASPRAY is a concentrated, liquid pigment dispersion, which can be used with all types of coating systems. Instaspray can be formulated using water, hydro-alcoholic and organic solvents or liquid plasticisers and matched to your existing coated product or to specific shade requirements.

Features Benefits
  • Liquid colour concentrate for direct addition to customers’ coating or end-product base, containing all of the required colouring and opacifying elements
  • Process time savings from rapid coating suspension manufacture
  • Cost savings in inventory and inventory management
  • Advanced colour control methods
  • Reproducible finished product appearance
  • Avoidance of customer complaints
  • White or ready coloured systems matched to your specification or sample are available. Anti-counterfeiting and branding features can be built-in
  • Meeting diverse marketing requirements is facilitated
  • Ingredients used are checked for compliance with appropriate regulations in target markets
  • Avoidance of regulatory issues
  • Can be applied in a wide range of equipment designs and sizes from most manufacturers
  • Easy scale-up and transfer to different equipment types or manufacturing sites

Regulatory information

All products are checked for the regulatory compliance of all ingredients in the target countries and market segments of sale. This determination is made at the time the initial formulation is established, based on customer-supplied information. If market countries and/or segments are extended once the formulation has been established, customers are encouraged to contact us to ensure that regulatory compliance is not compromised.

Equipment / Accessories

  • Variable-speed low shear mechanical stirrer
  • Mixing Vessel

Coating Suspension Preparation Process

  • Prepare the unpigmented coating suspension according to standard instructions, ensuring that the polymer is completely dissolved/dispersed and is homogenous.
  • Calculate the quantity of Instaspray needed, based on the solids level of the specific Instaspray product being used and the polymer content of the chosen coating suspension. Since the solids carrying capacity of polymers varies considerably, it is not possible to provide detailed guidance. However, a 2:1 polymer/pigment ratio would be a good starting point for experimentation.
  • Ideal Cures will be happy to make recommendations on usage levels based on information about your polymer system.
  • Ensure that the pigment solids in the Instaspray are thoroughly resuspended before use. If the product has been stored for a long period, an extended agitation time may be necessary. Always check for unsuspended material at the base of the container using a spatula.
  • Add the Instaspray to the coating suspension and stir until homogenous using low shear mixing.
  • High shear processing should not be used as this may result in pigment particle size changes with consequent unwanted shade variation in the coated product. Any required high-shear processing that is needed should be carried out on the polymer system before addition of Instaspray.

Recommended Process Conditions

Coating process parameters need to be developed according to the specifics of your chosen polymer and solvent systems. With the very wide range of possibilities it is not possible to provide meaningful guidelines here. Ideal Cures will however be happy to provide specific guidance where you are able to share the relevant formulation details with us.