Ideal Cures has developed a new generation of substrates - Spheres (InstaSpheres). These provide assistance to formulators and facilitate the handling spheres, minimizing process and handling losses to almost zero. Significant time savings and consistency improvements are assured.

Water soluble or water insoluble coated InstaSpheres are available. The seal coated spheres give an advantage to the formulator in that drug loading may be commenced without any pretreatment of the substrate.

Major Benefits of InstaSpheres

  • Ready for instant drug layering
    i) Eliminates initial seal coating step
    ii) Reduced processing time and improved flow
  • Nil friability, no attrition or dust formation, improved sphericity
    i) Robust spheres
    ii) No dust generation
  • Uniform drug layering
    i) Consistent and uniform product
    ii) Assured reproducibility
  • Controlled Particle Size Distribution
    i) Content uniformity
    ii) No batch to batch variability

InstaSpheres are available with a coating of either water soluble Hypromellose (CS) or water insoluble Ethyl cellulose (CIN). The following Espheres and their size ranges are available:

InstaSpheres ES

Film coated Sucrose Espheres in the size range of # 20 – # 30. This grade is available only on specific demand based on projected volumes.

InstaSpheres EM

Film coated Microcrystalline Cellulose Espheres in the size range of # 20 – # 30, # 30 – # 40 and # 40 – # 60. Other sizes can be tailor made based on projected volumes.

InstaSpheres SiO2

Film coated Colloidal Silicon Dioxide Espheres in the size range of # 30 – # 40 & # 40 – # 60.

InstaSpheres TA

Film coated Tartaric Acid Espheres in the size range of # 20 – # 30 and # 30 – # 40. (The tartaric acid content of InstaSpheres TA is not less than 75%)