Excipients for hydrophilic matrix tablets

An Expert System for Drug Delivery Solution

With the evolution of pharmaceutical technology and understanding of human physiology and pathology, the need was to felt to control the time, site and rate of drug delivery. This gave rise to the so called Drug Delivery Systems. Modified Release Drug Delivery Systems form the major part of Drug Delivery Market.

With its background and technical know-how Ideal Cures has developed an expert system called ‘Instamodel’ Extended Release system based on predictive modelling for HPMC matrix tablets.

Concept Of Instamodel Extended Release System

The success of HPMC matrix tablet formulation depends upon the right selection of HPMC grade, diluents, their ratios and tablet geometry. Ideal Cures has done extensive work in this field using new techniques such as fractal geometry, actual experimentation and interpretation of the results so obtained. This has led to development of a sound technical database. Based on this database, Ideal Cures has developed a predictive computer model that could generate the exact blend of polymer and diluents required to achieve the target release profile. The user runs the trial at his/her end using the Instamodel blend and the API. In 80% of the cases, it was found that the developed blend and the formula met the target. In remaining cases, some fine tuning was required which was done simply by increasing or decreasing the ratio of the Instamodel blend to the drug.