The Pharma R & D Coater

Pharma R & D Coater

A self contained film coater, adapted to handle smaller trial batches of tablets and granules.

The Requirement

Till now, the Research and Development units of pharmaceutical companies were forced to manufacture large unnecessary quantities of test drugs due to the requirements of the existing standard coating facilities. Needless to say, this resulted in a huge wastage of effort and money.

The Solution

The Pharma R&D Coater was designed to suit this specific need. With a unique array of smaller coating pan sizes (4, 6 or 8 inch), it ensures that the quantity of the test batch never exceeds your requirement.

The Benefits

In addition to handling aqueous as well as organic film coating systems, it is extremely portable and comes in a range of three different models. An advanced control panel, driven by its own licensed software, helps you monitor and record all the settings for the coater.


The Pharma R&D Coater has the exterior appearance of an elegant fabricated box with the coating pan supported in a tangential position of 35° to 90°. The entire drive mechanism is concealed within the box leaving only the hub, supporting the coating pan, projected outwards to enable vertical rotary momentum.

  • The Coating Pan
  • The Heater
  • The Exhaust Pipes
  • The Spray Gun
  • The Air Blower
  • The Control Panel


The Pharma R&D Coater is an integrated and semi-automatic unit consisting of a stainless steel (304/316) coating pan, a spraying system, a hot air blower, and an exhaust system. It uses the rotary momentum of the coating pan to tumble the tablets/granules contained within it. Baffles are provided along the interior walls of the pan to tilt the contents for efficient coating.

As film coating requires a spray technique, a spray gun delivers finely nebulized droplets of the coating solution onto the moving tablet bed, in such a manner as to ensure uniform coverage. The tablets are dried by directing a stream of hot air onto the surface of the tablet bed and the exhaust system takes care of the unwanted solvent vapours. The hot air blower maintains the temperature between 60°C-80°C, to achieve better performance. All the settings, including the temperature and rotation speeds, can be measured and adjusted accurately using the advanced control panel. Feeding and retrieving the tablets/granules from the pan should be done with a scoop, and the various parameters for coating should be established through trial.

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