Ecopol L100 55


ECOPOL™ L 100 55 - is a co-polymer derived from methacrylic acid and ethyl acrylate (1:1). It is a dry powder derived from a 30% aqueous dispersion (ECOPOL L 30 D 55) which contains recommended surfactants. It can be solubilized in water with the help of strong alkalis. It is also soluble in most commonly used organic solvents as well as mixtures of water and IPA/ethyl alcohol. The co-polymer is soluble at pH 5.5 and functions best in aqueous based systems. The chosen polymer/solvent system may be optimized by the addition of plasticizer, glidant & colorants.


The major application is for Enteric/Delayed release coating for drug delivery in the duodenum.

Regulatory Status

The material has monographs in major internationally recognized pharmacopoeias namely Ph. Eur., USPNF and JPE.

Ideal Cures has filed Type IV USDMF (No. 25645) for this material.

Product Availability, Reevaluation and Storage

Commercial packing is available in 20 kg HDPE drums.

Recommended reevaluation period is 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

It is recommended to store the product in light resistant, tightly closed containers at temperatures below 25° C