Customer specific products and system solutions

Extended cooling boosters – A wide range of extended cooling formulations designed for nutraceutical, herbal, cosmetic, flavorings & pharmaceutical products. Customer specific attributes can be built in for individual applications.

Ecocool formulations do not simply impart an instant cooling sensation; the advantage with Ecocool formulations is that they prolong the cooling effect thus helping to contain the after taste of otherwise obnoxious products. They have wide applications – for flavored drinks, ice-creams, fruit juices, health supplements, chewing gums, anti-dandruff shampoos, creams, mouth fresheners, shaving creams, lotions, tooth paste, mouth wash, prickly heat powder, pain balm, dry syrups & suspensions and other oral and external preparations.

Products are available in different physical forms e.g. pellets, powders, granules and solutions. Ideal Cures offers to tailor make products for specific customer and product needs and all necessary support is available for trials and scale-up.

A new, unique range of ECOCOOL™ products is available providing an immediate and extended cooling sensation that makes products easy to swallow or to apply to the skin or scalp. A feeling of freshness is retained for several hours.


Product Physical Form Recommended Application Area
ECOCOOL™ Pellets/Granules Pellets/Granules Medicated toothpaste, dispersible tablets,instant antiulcer pellets, suspensions etc.
ECOCOOL™ MP Solution Suspensions, gels, cough syrups, lotions, Pain Balms etc.
ECOCOOL™ HD Solution Medicated hair oils
ECOCOOL™ TI Solution Medicated powders
ECOCOOL™ DT Powder ORS, DT, MDT and Dry Syrups
ECOCOOL™ DP Powder Vitamin supplements, chewable tablets
ECOCOOL™ FC Powder Film coating

Customized products can be developed on request.

Pharmaceutical Applications

ECOCOOL™ products find very wide application in a variety of pharmaceutical dosage forms and are designed for immediate or extended cooling effects. The category of dosage forms and common therapeutic categories are listed below:

  • Chewable tablets (to mask the chalky taste)
  • Effervescent tablets
  • Dispersible tablets
  • Oral Rehydration Salts
  • Dry syrups & suspensions
  • Dietary supplements
  • Pain relieving ointments
  • Single dose sachets as powder/granules/pellet formulations
  • Anti-ulcer instant flavoured pellets

Note – Ecocool products can be used with flavors and sweeteners

Advantages of Ecocool over normal cooling ingredients

  • Cooler than menthol
  • Cool without menthol
  • Can be used with other flavoring agents
  • Prolonged cooling effect
  • Can be used in combination with mint oil
  • Can be used in combination with alcohol and water

Usage Levels

Vary from product to product, may range from 0.1 to 5.0%

Recommended Storage

Between 20 - 30°C; Not to be frozen

Regulatory Status

USDMF Type IV 030191, details available on demand.

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